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65L Large Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box LB2403



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This 65L Automatic Cat Litter Box is the ultimate solution for cat owners! This smart litter box prioritizes safety with various systems to prevent your cat from getting stuck. Plus, it features intelligent video surveillance, odor removal, and remote control via a mobile app. With multi-cat recognition based on weight, it’s the perfect way to keep your furry friends comfortable and happy.


  • APP Remote Intelligent Control
  • Multi-cat Toilet Data Monitoring
  • Warehouse Integrated Structure
  • Compatibility with Various Cat Litter
  • Self-transfer Collection Box (9L)
  • Active Infrared Detection Radar
  • Anti-bite Power Cord
  • One-click Sand Change
  • Physical Odor Isolation
  • 4 Sets of Force Sensors
  • Bottom Hopper Bin
  • Multiple Modes
  • Large Capacity (65L)
  • Protective Mechanism
  • Fuselage Display
  • Washable Drum

Specs & Installation Guide


Q: Why is the weight data only about half of that of my cats?

A: Please check whether the cat enters the machine with only two feet inside due to curiosity. Or is the machine placed on a flat ground with four feet connecting to the ground?

Q: Why is the clearing time so long?

A: Lower revs make timid cats less scared; It will prolong the whole clearing time if cats enter in or come close frequently due to curiosity.

Q: Why the machine rotate back for a while before finishing the whole rotation?

A: In order to save sand and increase the capacity of the collection bin;

Q: What kind of cat litter sand should I use?

A: Mixed sand and tofu sand are preferred; Bentonite sand and mineral sand are okay, may affect the delay time of “Full” prompt due to their weight density and liquidity.

Q: Why is there some sand left in the bin after I used the“Replace Litter” function?

A: Maybe there is not enough space in the garbage bag, please replace the bag and then“Replace Litter” again.

Q: Why is the sand leaking out from the mouth of the garbage box when replacing the garbage bag?

A: Please Press the button “➁” for 2 seconds, then the litter bin will rotate 90° counterclockwise to ensure that the mouth of the bag is upward when replacing.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 52.3 × 53.8 × 54.8 cm

Metal Alloy, PP, PS


Video Monitor/APP control


110/220V or As per user

Suitable for pet

Less than 15Kg small animal


Cat Litter Collect





Waste bin volumn




10 reviews for 65L Large Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box LB2403

  1. Thales GloriaThales Gloria

    Great product for those trying to get rid of their old cat box. Product performs as specified and cleans itself well with great control options and easy to install. Price is great, and it has a sleek design

  2. Mr Brown

    Having had both the original Litter Robot, two LR3s (okay machine) and a Cat Genie (truly awful machine) , I can already say this machine is a HUGE improvement. It’s far simpler in design while achieving the same or better performance. It’s 1/3 the cost. It’s almost totally silent. The Litter Robot has sensors and connectors that fail from time to time and some of those can be over a hundred dollars each time they fail, and replacing them is super gross. This box has nothing electric exposed to cat waste that can fail, so I expect to not have to take it apart. Cleaning the bag is also less gross in this machine. It’s less stinky, because the bag kinda folds itself shut (not sure is the ionizer actually works as I’ve read they don’t). Even when I let the box fill over 4 days it’s just barely smelling with two cats. The wifi actually has useful features over a more stable WIFI connection than the LR (the litter robot would need to be re-paired every few days for me).It’s TINY compared to the LR or Cat Genie machines. It can actually be out of sight without having to come up with a huge space to do so. Definitely a happy owner. Bought a second one to replace our other litter robot . I’d only be concerned if you have a large cat that it may not fit well.

  3. Steven W Maloy

    Everything sticks to the rubbery lining or tray where the sand goes. I go in when I notice a smell just to find that the waste did not go into the receptacle because it is stuck to the pan/tray. I have to reach in there with a scoop a couple times each day to knock stuff loose. The whole point in getting this was to r duce odor and eliminate the need to go in and scoop multiple times each day. But this litter box has a lot of features and is cost-effective

  4. Kandy

    I LOVE everything about this wonderful machine.Just plug it in, put the bag in the top of it. What¡¯s really nice is that they send a roll of bags with it. Remove tape from the interior, then add kitty litter. Make sure not to go over the line. I am not a fan of apps, so it is on manual. Cats go in do their thing,five minutes after, it rolls, and when it rolls, it dumps the waist into the bag.After three days, I changed the bag, super simple and I know that I could go longer to possibly a week. I have two cats and it took them a little bit to get used to it. But it¡¯s no issue whatsoever, it is awesome to not have to deal with the funkiness. It is also, super quiet.There is absolutely no off odor or mess at all, I am so thrilled with this product that I am buying my daughter one today. If, you read the reviews you will see, that the much more expensive machines seem to have weird problems with them. This machine does not disappoint. It is amazing!!! The cost is so well worth it. Now, it does recommend tofu litter and another natural type.I have chosen use, Arm and Hammer cloud control platinum.. Size is great, fits perfectly in my washroom on the counter.All said, this is an amazing product and makes life a whole lot easier!!!!!! Living a scoop less, happier life and I Love it!!!!!

  5. CheyCheyChey

    For years I¡¯ve fought against buying a self cleaning litter box. Mostly because of the cost but also because why would I purchase one when I have two perfectly good hands and a litter scoop at my disposal?Well, I still agree with my thoughts concerning the two good hands and my trusty little scoop but dear god this machine makes life so much easier!I only have one cat so I can¡¯t speak on using it for multiple cats. However, for my one kitty, it¡¯s amazing!The machine it¡¯s self comes pretty much put together, you have to remove a few stickers, add litter, plug in and watch the magnet happen.I have been using it for a week and there¡¯s zero smell (yes, I¡¯m sure. I¡¯m extremely sensitive toScents of any kind and had to clean the box three times a day to avoid them). It¡¯s extremely quiet, I usually don¡¯t even notice when it¡¯s actively cleaning and my cat seems to be cool with it.After a week, I still haven¡¯t been prompted to change the bag and I love not having to think about the litter box anymore.If you can find the extra cash in your budget and it¡¯s something you¡¯ve been considering, I¡¯d absolutely recommend! This thing is worth its weight in gold!

  6. ReyDel Veenstra

    This litter box has been worth every penny! It has completely cut down the smell of the litter box and has made sharing a box for our 2 cats so much easier. I change the bag 1-2 times a week.There is no lip or stop on the door to prevent litter from flying. We have one cat who seems to get it right out the opening. I miss the door on our old box. This machine also needs a lot of space as it is hefty.

  7. Julie

    I love this litter box, the only problem I am having is out of 2 of my cats the larger male cat refuses to use it. I am not sure if its the sound it makes or if he feels its just to small. My other cat which is smaller uses it frequently. I’ll have to figure out how to coax him into it more. i like the notifications the app sends about the box which alerts you to how often the cat uses the box and how long. The odor is well controlled, it is a bit loud, but I don’t mind especially since that is one box I do not have to clean up. I recommend it.

  8. Vivian

    I’ve been using this automatic cat litter box for a few days now, and I must say, it works surprisingly well! Our cats only took around half a day to start using it. One thing that surprised me most is its quiet operation. It’s so smooth and silent, and very easy to use. And the flexibility of controlling the settings via an app is fantastic, I can manage everything with just a few taps on my phone and there are bunch of settings to control in the app. The waste bin is pretty large and can hold waste of 3 cats for about 3 days. It¡¯s also safe and cat won¡¯t get stuck in there, because it automatically stops operating when cats approaches. I would recommend this product!

  9. Sam E

    I’ll admit that cleaning the inside walls of this is a touch of a pain, but everything else about it is pretty much awesome and makes the occasional scrub it worth it. It’s a little small, I don’t suggest this for a Maine Coon size cat. My cats are smaller and ultimately prefer a cleaner litter box to a larger litter box.Changing the bag is ridiculously easy compared to old school “automatic” litter boxes. Be prepared to cinch the bag closed immediately or the stink will hit you like a punch in the face.The only real complaint I can think of with this is that in order to be notified when the waste compartment is full you have to receive app notifications for everything that happens in the box. If a cat uses the box, after the box has cleaned itself, after the box removes odor. I have four cats, this has gotten so annoying. I really hope they update the app to let us select which notifications we get.Long story short, I’m glad I went with this instead of the more advertised pricier brand.

  10. Loren BROOK

    I paid $299 for this auto litter box. It’s the first auto box I’ve ever had and it’s a game changer. I have an extremely skiddish cat so I was worried she would be scared to use it. She was hesitant at first so the tips I read said to keep it turned off for a couple days while your cat gets used to it. That worked great. I downloaded the app for it and it let’s me control the box from my phone. You can also set it up to auto clean but I’m going to give my cat time before I do that. I just run the clean cycle twice a day. The app let’s you know when the cat uses it. It’s kind of funny because it says “Report for (cat’s name)’s master.” My husband was so excited to see iy in action the first time we came home from work after she used it we sat in the room with it and watched it do it’s thing. Lol in total the cycle is about 3 mins. My video is in 1x speed. The only slight downside is the size but that seems pretty standard for these auto boxes. Mine fits under a counter.

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